miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010


Don't be a star, it's such a drug
Take care of yourself, don't begin to lag
It's a hard life to live, so live it well
I'll be your friend and not in pretend
I know you girl.
In all situations.

7 comentarios:

anntonella♥ dijo...

I like it! . . Some friends know us in all situations, and after all, they still love us. Not everybody can do that. That is love, the true friendship.

un beso grande (:

ryder dijo...

there are more scandalous girls than alice. she plays it safe. i know, how can i say that. well.. 'cause i can.

Abernathy dijo...

me pregunto como esta chica en realidad, sin mascaras ni tanta dureza encima....

the maisies dijo...

she's a cool kid.

Elena dijo...

Absolutely adoring this blog!!
When I have entered in this blog, I said: I have to put you a comment!!
You should go on doing more posts, you are doing it very well!!
I will visit it everyday!!

jajajaja te ha gustado? losiento, no se decir mas cosas... jajaja
en serio, me encanta! la gente te esta comentando mucho eeh, eso es lo que queria yo ver!! jaja muy bien, a este paso se vas a hacer famoso!! jaja un besooo:) Elena.

La niña de los ojos tristes dijo...

Está claro que nunca entenderán el daño que nos hacen, pero jode tanto.

Adoro el punto rebelde de esta chica (L).

Un besito!

jess dijo...

love alice dellal, her hair is insane! Lovely blog x